Today’s rant!

9 sleeps to Electric Picnic!

I am both excited and nervous! I am a festival virgin at the age of 25! Tragic I know!

I am known to be  bit of  a princess! I don’t do tents! I don’t do being wet! I don’t last long without washed hair! So this is going to be a challenge for me..a fun one I hope!

One major stumbling block…wellies! Because I presume it’ll rain!

Gents this won’t be an issue for ye and ye’re scrawny hairy legs! However, for the lady with the larger calf muscle (its not fat its because my legs are compact!!) buying wellies is worse than buying a DD cup bra that fits!

I have been on the hunt for some time to get wellies that won’t give me sausage legs or wellie ring rash! No such luck unless I spent 50.0o pound online (for something I am going to get muddy-eh don’t think so!)

I’m not even fat…just short and need to be stretched!

This is what I was considering!


But bet I’ll still get wet socks!

In stepped Ben from http://www.finnmccools.ie/Finn_McCools/index.html with a pair of cream Animal wellies!

Pressure is on Ben…if they don’t fit there will be tears! 😉

Will keep ye posted…

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