Irish Web Awards 2009 and my Twitterversary

Courtesy of @darrenbyrne

Well its 5 days on from the amazing Irish Web Awards 2009 and I have just about recovered from the worst case of Delirium Tremens or “The Horrors” as we say in the Kingdom! The night was nuts, from what I remember of jaegerbombs, cupcake wars, boobs, underground car parks and a few awards thrown in as well! It was one year to the night since I joined Twitter and was introduced to the wonderful world of web!

Many thanks to Damien Mulley and Team for organising the brilliant event and putting so many well-behaved, courteous, mannerly men in a room with elegant, modest ladies! I think we need a few weeks of Etiquette lessons, especially our Neolithic gentleman friends, before next year’s awards or the blog awards if I ever recover to show my face in public again!

But it was worth the 5day hangover! I got to meet lots of Twits that I have been getting to know online! Great to feel what they’re hair really feels like and be comfortable enough to throw on their giant shoes and attempt to disrobe them at the bar! I was not the only “lady” in this tag team of destruction! Apologies to all the gents (Peter and Darren!) whose backs I may have broken!

So till next time, ye pack of lunatics! X


2 Responses to “Irish Web Awards 2009 and my Twitterversary”

  1. November 2, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    …i heard my name mentioned 😯


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