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Sunday night and I can’t sleep! I am thrawling through new blogs after attending the Blog Awards 2010 last night and I stumble across “Whats the film rating of your blog?”. So I do it for the laugh.

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

It is rated such because I said kill once and murder thrice!





Anyone who knows me knows I am a little less than careful with my purple blossom Inspiron 1525. This laptop is my first ever laptop, purchased in March 2008. It was purchased as my then boyfriend had a lap top I used for loading photos and loading photos. So when we broke up I need an E800 laptop for loading photos!

Well the laptop has since seen better days. I have lost nearly all the screws from the underneath but luckily Daddy Long fashioned some new screws from old screws from unused plugs! Legend he is! The screen is a bit wobbly. And the disk drive is missing a door … but it still works!

However last Wednesday my little purple friend fell form my bed to my floor/pile of clothes on the ground. I picked it up as usual, sure its taken worse hits than that! Frozen screen so I reboot.

“No Hard Disk Drive Detected”
Means Jack Shit to me! Turns out the hard disk yoke is the whole running bit of the auld laptop!

Que a panic on twitter, me with a screw driver, pleading phone calls to put said screw driver down and alot of tears!

Along comes my Knight in shining armour Mr @jonathanpurvis. Jonathon takes is on himself to attempt to repair my laptop! I hand over an embarissingly battered unit to him and hope to God the least this is gonna cost is a new hard drive! Jonathon promises to have it back within a week! Savage!

Text at 6pm “Can you take a call”. So I buzz Jonathan. Conversation goes along the lines of “The hard drive is missing/No longer in Laptop/Size of Vogues Cigarette box/Never seen this in 15years of IT/Hard drives don;t fall out/Floor of bedroom/Hopefully not shorted” and so on and so on!

Only this crap can happen to me! On arrival home from work Thursday night look what I find on my bedroom floor …

So thats a hard drive! And thanks to Jonathon Purvis it is now securely re seated in my pretty little laptop!

Cheers man, you are a legend!

Country bumpkin living it up in the big smoke!

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