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Slán Abhaile Harry

Today I am very proud of my Mother.

As you probably already know my Mother took it on herself to “adopt” an adorable puppy to socialise him and help ready him for intensive training to one day becoming a guide dog for the blind!

Rewind one year and the adorable and tiny Harry was introduced into the Long fold at 6 weeks of age!

For the last year my Mother has had Harry by her side as he grew to strapping 7 stone (not fat!) beautiful golden labrador!

He has accompanied her everywhere in the last year from supermarkets to old folks homes. From shopping centres to public transport. He even enjoys an auld session in our local Kane’s and has been trained to order her tipple of choice, vodka and slimline tonic! 😉

She has persevered, while we taught him bad habits and let him into our beds in hopes he’d fail, with the training schedules, several walks a day and enormous poos! She has done so well that today, Harry, still shy of his first birthday, got to go back to Modelfarm Road to “Big Dogs School” where he will spend 18 months learning to be someone else’s eyes!

So tonight, spare a though for my heart-broken Mother who is lost at home not having to bring Harry “busy busy” before bedtime, not having to booby trap the kitchen from mischievous paws and not waking up to a big sloppy kiss from the loveable fool!

Mom, we are all so proud of you! Knew you’d do an amazing job! We are devastated too … but we’d be more devastated if ll your hard work had been in vain!

Well done Mom! Love you!

PS Can’t wait for the next puppy!


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