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Twenty Ten … A Great Start

I am just home from The Kingdom where I had a fabulous begining to my new year and new decade!

Last moment I decided to, impossibly try catch the last train to Kerry on New Years Eve and risk being stranded in Tralee/Killarney as weather depended on my Rents collecting me! (Cheers Mom and Dad!) This was, shamefully, my first trip with Irish Rail since 2006 and what a pleasure it was! Train was on time! Reserved seats with two power sockets meant Twitter and The Princess Bride were my entertainment! Accompanied by some contraband red wine in a coke bottle and the last blue moon till 2028 and lunar eclipse all the way it was very pleasant! I shall do it again!

I made it home, thanks to Mom and Dad, in one piece, where we rang in the New Year in our local with one of my sisters and lots of friends! Fantastic, bar the impressive tumble I took at the end of the night! Sure wouldn’t be a night out with Amy without some bruising and a broken nail!

As great and all as spending New Years with the family was, the highlight of my weekend was my trip to Scandanavia on the Dingle Peninsula!

Sunday 3rd, a wee bit delicate, Jen (@jennylong89) and Ben (@dinglesurf) and I decided to walk up one side of the Conor Pass, the longest mountain pass in Ireland. Four kilometers, uphill, 400 metres high at top this was more exercise I had done than all the exercise of last decade combined .. that is me done so for the next ten 😉 In just two hours we entered an unfamilar world in Ireland, let alone West Kerry! Ben even commented “Wow it looks so real!”, thats how unfamilar it seemed it must have been fake!

Here are some (amateur to say the least!) piccies as words cannot explain the peace, beauty and surreality we felt!

Happy New Year and Happy 2010!



Irish Web Awards 2009 and my Twitterversary

Courtesy of @darrenbyrne

Well its 5 days on from the amazing Irish Web Awards 2009 and I have just about recovered from the worst case of Delirium Tremens or “The Horrors” as we say in the Kingdom! The night was nuts, from what I remember of jaegerbombs, cupcake wars, boobs, underground car parks and a few awards thrown in as well! It was one year to the night since I joined Twitter and was introduced to the wonderful world of web!

Many thanks to Damien Mulley and Team for organising the brilliant event and putting so many well-behaved, courteous, mannerly men in a room with elegant, modest ladies! I think we need a few weeks of Etiquette lessons, especially our Neolithic gentleman friends, before next year’s awards or the blog awards if I ever recover to show my face in public again!

But it was worth the 5day hangover! I got to meet lots of Twits that I have been getting to know online! Great to feel what they’re hair really feels like and be comfortable enough to throw on their giant shoes and attempt to disrobe them at the bar! I was not the only “lady” in this tag team of destruction! Apologies to all the gents (Peter and Darren!) whose backs I may have broken!

So till next time, ye pack of lunatics! X


The day the princess died…

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Welll…its old news now thanks to the Youtube, Twitter and Facebook….But on Thurs night at 10.00pm I died on South William Street at the steps of the Powerscourt Centre…all because some fella blew a whistle three times! My decaying corpse can be spotted in the above shot as the black lump my the purple refuse bags at end of Powerscourt Steps, near the cold, still cadavar of my dearly beloved sister…also in black!

One minute later….resurrected (by a whistle!) and dispersed!

Most fun ya can have sober and with your clothes on! A Spencer Tunnick Flash Mob (no pun intended!) has to be next!



Speed Dating Table Quiz!

Almost a year ago myself and two of my single ladies decided to do a bit of speed dating for the laugh! Two of us were not long out of two year relationships and needed to get our mojo or confidence back! We booked through an online site and to be fair it was 20euro well spent in terms of entertainment! We had no notion of going on dates with anyone but 12 guys for six minutes each was entertaining! Not all were as desperate as we had expected!

Roll on one year and I read one of the monthly emails the online company sends-A Speed Dating Table Quiz! 10 rounds, 2 girls, 2 guys per table, with the gents moving every round! Laser card out and we are booked!

We arrive late as usual and enter to dark lit room of “24-40” year olds as stated on the website! The average age and waist size was well over 40! My new dress and fake bake was well wasted here! Straight to the bar for some dutch courage and beer goggles! Plopped ourselves on a table with a nice elderly chappy with a name tag…he grunted and left…does he know what speed dating involves?

Night begins with most irritating Quiz master who smelled of damp clothes and sounded like a DJ off late night radio no one listens to! So we find a table with two lads who look under thirty! I shall name them Joe and Paul…from Swords…two mates…one is a howiya and one looks like Brian Dowling without the femininity! They are looking as pale as us with the thoughts of ten rounds with the geriatric singles! Round one done and goodbye to only guys within a decade of my own age!

The following “dates” were woeful…most men came alone so didn’t know their quiz partner and all but Joe and Paul were on the orange cordial…thou one chap did point out he was on the Rock Shandy….whoop whoop!

Then came the one round we actually won…after we heard when ya won a round the ladies got chocholate eclairs we decided to put a bit of effort in! The “tricky” question no one knew in whole room bar little old me was “What does DVD stand for?”! Our “date” was a very shy late thirties anorak from Drogheda with a queer thick Drogheda accent-he was very friendly with the mid forties frizzy haired woman (not a lady) on table 8 next to us! So Ms Frizzy pouts and asks Mr Anorak for the answer…looking cool he gives thw wrong one…and blushes! She goes scitzo when it turns out we have right answer…and for every other round she wins she does a glory dance at our table…not pretty as her BMI was not a healthy 25! So up for our prize…chocholate eclair…we are deflated to learn its not the pastry kind! Roll on 20 years and I will be like Ms Frizzy!

The night continued like this with Joe and Paul from Swords giving us the low down on caliber of the females…outside the loos…which we later found out was overheard clearly into all the “dates” in the loo! Oops another few points off our popularity!

So quiz is over and best table (Ms Frizzy) wins a bottle of wine as prize to share with her mate! So we leggit upstairs, closely followed by Joe and Paul, who have clearly picked one of us each and are getting a bit too touchy feely!

So we ditch the boys, change the name tags to Chrystal and Penelope and had mad craic with everyone arriving in soaked from “The Boss”! And in the corner of my eye I spot Ms Frizzy and Mr Anorak  sneak out the door early….

For those who ok’d my gúna on Twitter…yes it was too loud and too short…but feck it! Thanks for the love!


Most anticipated phote EVER!



Yay, look what finally arrived in the post 2 weeks shy of a year!

On June 20th 2008 I along with 2000 other sleepy and freezing cold people bared our goose-pimpled chicken skin in the name of Art!

I had been coerced to do the Spencer Tunick shoot with my now Ex-Boyfriend in Blarney Co.Cork. This is not something I would have done a year previous but having lost almost 2 stone weight it was a way to celebrate! We had whole trip arrange etc but broke up only a week before the shoot! It was not a nasty split, no big surprise and overall a relief! However I couldn’t bring myself to do a Nudey shoot with him, so I roped my two housemates into the Dublin Docklands shoot!

In the end we had gathered a group of six giggling girls and all met at 2am ish-some sober, some not so much! The craic was mighty, everyone chatting and excitement building as the sun began to rise and nakedness looming! It looked like it would be a fine morning…but good auld Irish weather would not like to disappoint and she rained on us!

The first strip was the most daunting! Some of us knew each other well…some not much at all-but we all would get to know eachother very well in a matter of moments! We decided on the command to strip to do boobies first-have a little giggle-then it was the downstairs area strip! This to all of us was the worst-but once the punanis were out and we all had a quick glimpse of how much pruning some did and how much some didn’t and who went overboard we totally forgot we were naked! The random clothed Tunick Team looked well out of place!

Tunick Beach

Tunick Beach

The highlight for me was the Beach Photo! Only 600ish people stayed back! It was hysterical! Heavens had opened, everyone stripped frantically, not bothering to put clothes in our little bags (not such a smart idea afterwards putting your sandy soggy clothes back on!) We all ran down to the water, boobs flung over the shoulders at this stage, splashing around in the baltic waters of Dublin Bay singing Ole Ole Ole! Spencer finally got us to stay still-bar alot of blue shivering bums!

I went to work at 9am-zonked! Fell asleep in my Eddie Rockets at lunch time! But it was all worth it!

The Cork shoots are alot prettier and serene looking but the craic in Dublin beats any pretty picture! I even got roped into a naked VoxPop on BBC NI Radio in Irish!

After seeing our shoots we are keeping an eye out for the next Installation-somewhere hot next time hopefully!

Wouldn’t it make the ultimate BTW?

Now play Where’s Wally and find me 😉

Country bumpkin living it up in the big smoke!

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