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Happy 21st Jen!

Today the baby of the family turns 21!

Snow in West Kerry in 1989 welcomed Jennifer Long, known only as Jenny or Jen to us, into the world. I remember the morning she was born as I had had a nightmare the night before and was in Mom and Dad’s bed when Dad told me I had a new baby sister! I was almost five at the time.

Now 21 years later she towers over me and is the spitting image of our Mom, if only she got the hair! She has turned into a little hottie, not that she believes it and she is one of the most obliging and kindest people I know a credit to my Mom and Dad! Of course she is a spoilt little brat too being the baby and gets away with murder especially with her potty mouth!

So today Happy Birthday Jenny Wren-from Lard Arse and Loopy-hope its a good one “little” sis and here’s to three very sore heads Sunday morning!

And of course Happy “Birth” Day to Mom who 21 years ago did all the hard work, naturally may I add, for the third time! I hope your head hurts on Sunday morning too!



2 years on …

Miss you lots Gogady,
We all do.

Keep minding us,
Sleep well.



Twenty Ten … A Great Start

I am just home from The Kingdom where I had a fabulous begining to my new year and new decade!

Last moment I decided to, impossibly try catch the last train to Kerry on New Years Eve and risk being stranded in Tralee/Killarney as weather depended on my Rents collecting me! (Cheers Mom and Dad!) This was, shamefully, my first trip with Irish Rail since 2006 and what a pleasure it was! Train was on time! Reserved seats with two power sockets meant Twitter and The Princess Bride were my entertainment! Accompanied by some contraband red wine in a coke bottle and the last blue moon till 2028 and lunar eclipse all the way it was very pleasant! I shall do it again!

I made it home, thanks to Mom and Dad, in one piece, where we rang in the New Year in our local with one of my sisters and lots of friends! Fantastic, bar the impressive tumble I took at the end of the night! Sure wouldn’t be a night out with Amy without some bruising and a broken nail!

As great and all as spending New Years with the family was, the highlight of my weekend was my trip to Scandanavia on the Dingle Peninsula!

Sunday 3rd, a wee bit delicate, Jen (@jennylong89) and Ben (@dinglesurf) and I decided to walk up one side of the Conor Pass, the longest mountain pass in Ireland. Four kilometers, uphill, 400 metres high at top this was more exercise I had done than all the exercise of last decade combined .. that is me done so for the next ten 😉 In just two hours we entered an unfamilar world in Ireland, let alone West Kerry! Ben even commented “Wow it looks so real!”, thats how unfamilar it seemed it must have been fake!

Here are some (amateur to say the least!) piccies as words cannot explain the peace, beauty and surreality we felt!

Happy New Year and Happy 2010!



Comhghairdeachas a Louise!

Just a quick one to say congrats and well done to Long No 2 who last Friday was conferred in CIT with a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communications! To us mere mortals she is a fully qualified Graphic Designer! Yay! A great weekend was had by Muintir Uí Lúing in Cork City last weekend… thanks for having some nutters from the Kingdom ;).

Also bualadh bós for the parents too, an achievement for them as much as Louise! They have now raised two ladies with Bachelor Degrees and another one on the way le cunamh Dé (Ladies is prob a bit of a stretch mind!)

So Hip hip hooray for Louise! Very proud of ya Sis



My Gogs

Picture 131

Today would have been my Gog’s 77th birthday!

My Gog’s was my only grandad I knew and the only man I have known longer than my Dad. He is called Gogs, abbreviated from Gogady as when I was a baby (the 1st Grandchild) I couldn’t pronounce Grandad! In West Kerry where he used to come on his holidays to visit us he was always known as Gogs (almost more than Paul!)

Here’s few bits bout the man himself

He made the best sweet and sour sauce

He lied when he had Open Heart Surgery so my Nana and Mom would fly to Oz that day…and lied over the phone for a further six weeks

He brought us to the model train in Malahide one summer and I remember that really well

He was the image of Rolf Harris

He used to iron our underwear and melt the elastic

He made yummy potato cakes

He used to call me portly

He never mastered texting but tried many times

He ucould never pronounce Optometrist!

He loved Guinness

He used to keep the last Turkish Delight for me

He made his very own “Sliderobes”

He once called the Spice Girls “The Spice Burgers”

He couldn’t spell

He survived cancer almost 4 decades ago against all the odds

He is responsible for passing on large legs and hint of ginge to me

He made me and my sisters triple bunk beds that we still sleep in

He hung doors in the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital or so he told me

He could sing and once when he did at party and his false teeth fell out

He used to sing songs with our names in them

He was a plumber and continued to work into his 75th year

He would often say “Slán a chailín” in a Dublin accent when I left the house

Today he would have been 77.

The last birthday we celebrated with him was his 75th, just weeks after he was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I was there with my Nana the day the doctor said they found a tumour. He laughed when I cried and told me not to write him off yet! He went through all the treatment they advised and fought the cancer with all he had. This time cancer won on February 20th 2008. He passed away peacefully in St Francis Hospice Raheny. I am lucky that the last time I saw him conscious was one of his better days 5 days before he died. He wasn’t in pain and sat upright in his bed chatting. I am grateful for that last evening together…although our conversation did centre on my recent break up!

I was very lucky to have had almost 24 years with my Gogs. I and all the family miss him so much and think about him all the time!

I would like to thank St Francis Hospice for the care they gave him towards the end and the compassion they showed us at the end.

So Happy Birthday Gogs…have a Paddy and a pint on us xxx


Bualadh Bos for my Mom!



Just a quick one to acknowledge something brilliant, unselfish and admirable my Mom (Carole or @kala59) is doing! She has fostered the above puppy named Harry! She will have Harry who was only 6 weeks old when she got him for the next 12 months! Her job is to socialise and “manerise” him so he may be trained as a Guide Dog For The Blind and hopefully give someone who is visually impaired their independence back!

Having just spent the weekend with the adorable 8 week old Harry I really admire what she is doing! He is not like your regular puppy! He must accompany her almost everywhere! He needs to be familiarised with all social places including pubs (no problems there Mom!), buses and trains! Maybe even a plane if Mr O’Leary allows it! He already sits on command since 6 weeks! He has been in restaurants, supermarkets and even an old folks home with her and he quietly sits at her feet and has a little snooze! He sits before people pet him! And most impressive when ya bring him outside and say “Busy busy” (and feel like a lemon!) he does his wee wees! And remember he is only 8 weeks old!

He is a huge responsibility and she has taken to it very well! She knows how to balance caring and discipline very well and has three happy, well-balanced daughters to her credit!

The test will come next summer when its time for Harry to leave and go to Big Dog School for 8 months of Guide Dog Training! She says “Sure didn’t I get rid of my 3 children!”

He is a little heartbreaker and I know who’s heart will be broken the most when he goes!

Love you Mom!

PS Can we keep him?

Country bumpkin living it up in the big smoke!

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